CGR – Behind the Scenes: Panasonic DVC Pro Deck

Classic Game Room HD takes a behind the scenes look at the Panasonic DVC Pro deck that is used to record the video game review footage for the Classic Game Room video game review show. DVCPro is a professional standard of tape that can record more than 2 hours of audio and video. The deck itself is an AJ-D450 deck with component video, s-video, composite and digital coax SDI. We also take a look at Mini-DV playback, the MiniDV adapter and the Radio Shack Optimus VCR used to record the really old games and then feed them back into DVCpro. If you want to learn how to make the best video game reviews possible then watch this behind the scenes series from Classic Game Room. This will show you some cool tools, you can buy used gear, consumer gear and all kinds of cool gear to make your reviews. The real trick it to work at it. Classic Game Room has been running since 1999, this is an amusing look inside Inecom LLC’s production department. See how tapes are covered with Sharpies and duct tape and then turned into awesome video game reviews for PS3, Xbox 360, NES, Sega Genesis, PS2, PS1, Dreamcast, Magnavox Odyssey 2 and Sega CD. Do you like things that beep and blink, the 1980’s, RATT, Pac Man and good beer? Then Classic Game Room should be on your list of things to watch. Quit asking “How do I make good video game reviews for a video game review show?” Watch and learn. The power is within you. And 80’s big-hair metal bands.