Classic Game Room – SEGA DREAMCAST QUANTUM FIGHTERPAD controller review

Classic Game Room HD reviews the Quantum Fighterpad for the SEGA Dreamcast video game console. The Quantum Fighterpad by InterAct is an exciting controller for the Dreamcast because it has a unique shape, 6 buttons on front like an arcade fighting machine, and programmable buttons. Are you looking for a fighting stick with programmable buttons for special moves and combinations on the DC? Well, here’s the gamepad for you. Play games like Street Fighter 2 and Capcom vs. SNK and Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and Soul Calibur on the Dreamcast with this awesome controller by InterAct. You can play 2D and 3D fighters with it, as well as shmups and shooters and RPG games from Japan. Build quality is nice, the buttons are pretty good and this thing is the size of a Sega GameGear. The review of the Quantum Fighter Pad by Inter Act will show what a cool controller this is and how it can be had for a bargain these days. Always watch Classic Game Room for video game reviews for Sega Dreamcast, Sega Saturn and Sega Genesis. SEGA!