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Level Up! The Guide to Great Video Game Design

  • John Wiley Sons

Product Description
Want to design your own video games? Let expert Scott Rogers show you how!

If you want to design and build cutting-edge video games but aren’t sure where to start, then the SECOND EDITION of the acclaimed Level Up! is for you! Written by leading video game expert Scott Rogers, who has designed the hits Pac Man World, Maximo and SpongeBob Squarepants, this updated edition provides clear and well-thought out examples that forgo theoretical gobbledygook with charmingly illustrated concepts and solutions based on years of professional experience.

Level Up! 2nd Edition has been NEWLY EXPANDED to teach you how to develop marketable ideas, learn what perils and pitfalls await during a game’s pre-production, production and post-production stages, and provide even more creative ideas to serve as fuel for your own projects including: Developing your game design from the spark of inspiration all the way to production Lea… More >>

Level Up! The Guide to Great Video Game Design

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Video Games: Design and Code Your Own Adventure

Product Description
Catch a glimpse inside a school bus and you’ll see lots of kids looking down. What are they doing? They’re deciding on strategy, building cities, setting traps for monsters, sharing resources, and nurturing critical relationships.

Over 90 percent of kids ages 2–17 play video games. In Video Games: Design and Code Your Own Adventure, young readers learn why games are so compelling and what ancient games such as mancala have in common with modern games like Minecraft. Kids will even create their very own video games using software such as MIT’s Scratch!

Using a familiar, high-interest subject, Video Games introduces foundation subjects such as geometry, physics, probability, and psychology in a practical framework. Building Tetris pieces out of Rice Crispie Treats and designing board games are some of the hands-on projects that engage readers’ building skills, while writing actual game code opens digital doors readers may not have known… More >>

Video Games: Design and Code Your Own Adventure

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Video Game Controller Gaming Birthday Design Set of 9

  • MATERIALS: This item is only made of the best and highest quality materials available to the manufacturer.
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Product Description
DESIGN & FEATURES: Latex Rubber: These balloons are manufactured from a liquid rubber called latex. The balloon gets its color from the pigment that is added to the latex. Pigments are both organic and inorganic compounds that absorb certain wavelengths of visible light and reflect others. For example, a red balloon is red because the balloon absorbs all the visible light except red frequency light which is reflected back to the eye. The strength of balloons can be affected by the pigment if the pigment particle is large in size and interferes with the film continuity and if the pigment reacts with any of the other ingredients in the balloon. As far as which color has the most effect on the balloons strength, no conclusive study has been done.. Mylar Aluminum Foil: These balloons are manufactured using foil and polyester materials. Balloons made out of these types of material aren’t porous, they’re airtight-meaning gas isn’t able to escape through the mate… More >>

Video Game Controller Gaming Birthday Design Set of 9

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Classic Game Room – NES Cartridge Design for Nintendo review

Classic Game Room HD reviews the cartridge design for the NINTENDO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM!! Remember the giant, grey, massive, behemoth Nintendo game cartridges for the Nintendo Entertainment System… aka the NES. The NES has a massive library of games and most of them come in these hulking, grey cartridges with loads of interesting design features. They have ridges, spots for your fingers, are easily stackable, fun to collect and have interesting and collectable artwork! Companies like Nintendo, Konami, Activision, Tengen, Tecmo, Capcom, Jaleco, Acclaim and Sunsoft made a wealth of exciting and entertaining games for the NES for a period of nearly a decade! Games like Gradius, Contra, Metroid, Blaster Master, Airwolf, Top Gun, Super Mario Brothers, Duck Hunt, Pinball Quest, Thunderbirds and Commando were produced to bring the video game industry back from near extinction in the 80’s. When the NES arrived in 1985 it took the world by storm and introduced gamers everywhere to Mario, Samus, Mega Man and hordes of other video game lead characters that are still popular today. Classic Game Room HD looks closely and investigates, reviews and contemplates the very distinctive cartridge design for the retro games on the NES! Do you collect NES games, do you wonder what the best NES game is and who makes the best NES video game reviews (CGRHD of course!) Well check out this review where we look at NES vs. Atari 2600 in a battle of plastic supremacy!

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Medal of Honor: Part 3: Design Click here to watch the previous episode of Medal of Honor: Art of the Game! Medal of Honor: Art of the Game – Part 3: Design Go behind the scenes with Machinima at the EA LA offices to get a look at Medal of Honor. In the third episode of our four part series, see what the design process is and what it takes to design a game like Medal of Honor. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima Inside Gaming Machinima Respawn Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE SPORTS GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE MMO & RPG GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE TRAILERS, GO TO: TAGS: Art of the Game AOTG yt:quality=high Medal of Honor MOH EA Los Angeles Digital Illusions CE videogame video game xbox 360 xbox360 x360 microsoft playstation3 playstation ps3 sony dice ea fps first person shooter single player multiplayer modern warfare exclusive new 2010 series reboot Franchise Gil Ngo Animator Enzo Sprigg Lead Background Artist Drew Stauffer Video Director Erick Ward Erik Kraber Audio

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iD Tech Camps Introduces New Ways to Learn 3D Video Game Design in Partnership with Ubisoft and TrackMania United

iD Tech Camps Introduces New Ways to Learn 3D Video Game Design in Partnership with Ubisoft and TrackMania United
iD Tech Camps, a summer technology program for ages 7-17, is offering a new 3D video game design course using TrackMania United software. Students make and modify their own racing tracks for a personalized video game experience. (PRWeb March 16, 2011) Read the full story at

Read more on PRWeb

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The Evolution Of Video Game Design

Andy West is a freelance writer for Virginia College. Virginia College offers a professional Video Game Design program. Please visit Virginia College at .

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Video Game Design Careers: 6 Benefits To Working In The Industry

Andy West is a writer for Virginia College. Learn more about Video Game Design at Virginia College. Higher search engine rankings by Vertical Measures.

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Explore Your Creativity With A Degree In Video Game Design

Video games have exploded in popularity, thanks to our high paced and pressurized world crunching down on individuals. People need a break from reality and video games provide that venue of escapism, and businesses have definitely gotten the message loud and clear. Developing new games is a fierce industry and companies need people who can always bring on better games that stimulate all the senses at once. But how can you get into this rising segment and turn your interests in computers into something that’s a lucrative, fun career full of opportunity?
A degree in video game design is the training you need to break into a market where you can create fantastical worlds or develop settings that are so realistic, you can almost touch them. Individuals are demanding more and more from software companies, and only the top quality games will succeed in today’s competitive world. Investing your talents in a solid education that will give you the skills and know how to create high tech video games is a wise choice. The job opportunities will never peter out or become saturated, thanks to new technology that’s always being put into the market, and you can get into the gaming craze by getting the best training possible to send you into an amazing career.
You’ll have the chance to use your own imagination to create great characters that become popular household names. Remember Mario and Luigi? Well, those two characters were created by people with video game design skills and they earned their makers millions of dollars. What about Yoshi? The little dinosaur is another character created by someone with video game design skills that has made someone rich and famous. Why can’t that person who develops the next popular, fun character be you? Online gaming is another venue that has become a multi-million dollar industry and all you have to do is look up World of Warcraft to see how many people are hooked on video games, making the market a rich one for job opportunities.
So what’s involved in video game design? Educational facilities will provide you with artistic training to help you create visual images that snag people’s interest and keep them gaming, as well as the know how to apply that to animation and 3D modelling. Story development is a must, and you’ll be able to think up new ways of challenging people with tricks and traps or enemies to battle to become heroes and earn glorious rewards and treasures. Not only that, those who offer degrees in video game design will help you to put together a profile that will make you an attractive asset to software companies looking for talented 3D artists and gaming developers.
One thing is for sure: Without a degree in video game design, the competition to break into the industry is so stiff that you’ll never be able to get ahead. Great ideas and a creative imagination isn’t all it takes to open fantastic opportunities and set you into an amazing career. Top quality skills and training that keep you on top of the game and get you that perfect job are the only way to go about finding your place in the lucrative industry of video games. You’ll learn the practical side of design and animation to be able to develop games that bring in sales for businesses and earn the skills you need to be head hunted by companies. More than that, obtaining your degree in video game design won’t just be an important investment and career choice, it’ll also be a blast of fun as you expand your horizons and creativity, learning to think outside the box and come up with new, exciting worlds and characters.

Andy West is a writer for Virginia College. Virginia College offers a professional Video Game Design program. Visit to learn more about earning a degree in animation and game design.

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Draw Up A Future With Video Game Design

If there is one area that technology has enhanced by leaps and bounds it is the world of video game design. With stunning effects and graphics, video games are more popular than ever. Just when it seems they can’t get any better, something comes along that allows them to continue to amaze and astonish many with lifelike detail and captivating features.
Those who enter this field not only love video games but also have a great respect for all that goes into creating them. Behind every great game there are a number of elements that work together to create a mind-blowing end product. A lacking in any one of these elements can mean the difference between a game that flies off the shelves and a game that barely makes it off the clearance rack.
More than anything, video game design consists of teamwork. From concept to finished product, individuals trained in graphic design, computer animation, marketing and public relations are only a few of the job titles associated with this type of career. Each has their own various skills that are not only beneficial but also crucial to the production of video games.
As the popularity of technology and video games skyrocket with no end in sight, many educational institutions have begun offering courses in video game design and animation. Students can learn how to create games, develop software, use animation mathematics and master coding languages. These state of the art skills provide a well-rounded education in order to prepare one for a career in the real world of video games.
The amount of high tech skills in this field is likely to require a Bachelor’s degree in order to be considered for basic entry-level positions. A Bachelor’s degree will give the fundamental knowledge of the field and can require as little as three years to obtain. With time and experience, one can then move up and branch out on their career path with further education.
With a Master’s degree one will not only have high-level software programming and design under their belt but the ability to oversee the coordination of large productions. While the head of a division faces large responsibilities and challenges, their training gives them all the skills they need to effectively handle the development process from start to finish. It is a career that is highly challenging but just as satisfying and rewarding.
Those with degrees in video game design can count on a good starting salary that only gets stronger with time and experience. The more skills under one’s belt, the better their income will be. Employers in the video game industry are always looking to be the best and can only do so by hiring those with the top skills.
As technology constantly evolves this field in and out of different phases, one must have a flexible personality that can roll with the inevitable changes. It is also a field that is competitive, requiring individuals to have a winning attitude. Because of the amount of computer programming that is involved, a person interested in this field can expect to update and learn new skills on a regular basis.
Those interested in video game design have the benefit of knowing theirs is a career choice that shows no sign of slowing down. As new technologies combine, individuals in this vocation have the very opportunity to be at the forefront of shaping part of a population’s culture. Despite the fact that video games have become a billion dollar industry, elements of video game history have managed to become a unique reflection of the times and the world we live in.

Andy West is a writer for Virginia College. Virginia College offers many courses in Video Game Design. Visit Virginia College at .

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