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Amazing Spider-Man Video Game: Web Rush Trailer

Learn all about Spidey’s newest game mechanic in a new trailer for “The Amazing Spider-Man” video game, hitting shelves June 26!

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The Amazing Spider-Man – ‘Playthrough Part 4’ TRUE-HD QUALITY

►► Remember to select 720p◄◄ [PART 4] Welcome to my HD playthrough of The Amazing Spider-Man played on the PS3. This is my first attempt at the campaign and played under ‘Normal’ (Hero) difficulty settings. Platforms: Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PS Vita & 3DS Publisher: Activision Developer: Beenox Genre: Action Release Date: US: June 26, 2012 EU: June 29, 2012 This gameplay was all captured using the Elgato Game Capture HD. I have been using the Hauppauge HD-PVR since 2009 and on all of my past playthroughs, but the Elgato Game Capture HD is the superior device offering better quality and so I will be using this for all of my future playthroughs. Elgato Game Capture HD website: The Amazing Spider-Man Walkthrough Part 4 The Amazing Spider-Man Playthrough Part 4 The Amazing Spider-Man Lets Play Part 4

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Spider-Man Final Battle Scenes [1080i Full HD] Quality Test

As you know, YouTube has just made another big progress in Quality department, introducing Full HD (1080p) Resolution for users movies. In that case, I decided to make a short test movie to see if my video will be processed finally in 1080p resolution, due to new YouTube quality feature. Hope you’ll enjoy my test, don’t forget to rate, comment and subscribe !

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GameSpot Reviews – Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Video Review

Read the full review: Vibrant visuals and agile action help Shattered Dimensions capture the excitement and appeal of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

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Spiderman & Venom: Maximum Carnage Review

See the Amazing Directors cut here – Follow me on Twitter to stay up to date – Another year means a NEW Spiderman themed Review. This time we are taking an indepth look at Maximum Carnage for Super Nintendo. Is this really LJN’s best Marvel game ever made? Watch this review to find. Well God bless & Happy gaming, thanks so much for watching and please Subscribe! My band’s Album –

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Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Walkthrough (Hard): Tutorial (PS3/Xbox 360/Wii/PC) [HD]

If you would like to buy Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions: The 1st part of a complete gameplay walkthrough of Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions for the Playstation 3, XBOX 360, Wii, and PC. Played on the XBOX 360. Hope you enjoy. Please rate and subscribe. Developer: Beenox Publisher: Activision

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Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

  • Experience high-octane action and master strategic puzzles in this non-linear 3D side-scrolling handheld version of the game
  • Go beyond the traditional New York City setting with a myriad of additional locations and styles, including jungles, train yards, military bases and more
  • Immerse yourself in truly epic boss battles with boss-themed levels which bring environments, music and pacing in tune with the most thrilling, iconic villains from Spider-Man lore.
  • Battle NDS-exclusive villains
  • Discover new surprises around every corner with new abilities to uncover, plus multiple costumes and bonuses to unlock

Product Description
Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions is an action-packed adventure encompassing four dramatically different parallel universes, each with its own Spider-Man armed with unique strengths. Each stunning universe has its own detailed art design and thrilling gameplay with challenging skill sets to master in order to unlock powerful new moves. Explore dramatic, stunning environments, wield explosive new powers, and face epic boss battles against extraordinary foes. Experience the legendary Super Hero like never before: Four unique worlds. Four distinct Spider-Men. One unparalleled experience!… More >>

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

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Spider-Man 2

  • Explore a more open-ended New York City as you face off against criminals like Dr. Octopus, Electro and The Vulture
  • Use your spider-sense to detect danger – stop the random street crimes Spider-Man will run across, for enhanced reputation and bonuses
  • New web-swinging mechanics — Move in all sorts of crazy directions and angles, then yank yourself along super-fast
  • All-new combat system with more amazing combos — spectacular, over-the-top moves for the ultimate fighting experience

Product Description
Spider-Man 2 returns you to the world of Peter Parker. He’s a troubled young man, and having people trying to kill him doesn’t help things. This game follows the plot to Spider-Man 2, with new elements and enemies – to keep the gaming action as exciting as the hit movie…. More >>

Spider-Man 2

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Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Cheats

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Cheats
GamesRadar specializes in providing cheat codes for Xbox 360 games such as Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. Also find reviews, previews, features, news and more about Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions.

Read more on Games Radar

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